How to Choose a Good Blanket

Blanket is one of key factor which decide whether or not you have sound sleep at night. My honest How to Choose a Good Blanket article today walk you through some of key factors to consider when it comes to buying a blanket.  Keep reading so that you can enjoy your night’s sleep completely. best-blanket

Comfortable Warmth

There are some Goldilocks rules to follow when it comes to sleep temperature: Just proper, neither too cold nor too hot. And it is proven that people sleep best at the temperature from 62 to70 degrees F. Once the temperature falls, you will find it hard to sleep sound. And a good blanket is an ideal solution to solve this issue. So what is a good blanket? Yeah, there are many factors determining a blanket is good or not, but the first factor is its comfortable warmth. It is suggested that a light- to medium-warmth blanket which is coupled with a 60-something is good at giving you comfort zone. Some other choices, such as ultra-warm blankets—which are often made of wool, cashmere, polar fleece—are often too hot. Similarly, an electric one which is cranked up to high is overheated.

Sneeze-Free Snoozing

It is advised by expert that a good blanket should be non-allergenic to users. So choose the one which are resistant to dust mites which easily stick to your blankets and other bedding, or wash your blanket regularly and keep it clean, otherwise, you may be kept you awake during night. What about some good choices? Yeah, if you’re allergy-prone, you should say no with down-filled comforters. Remember to wash your once a week with hot water (the water of  130 degrees F), then dry it in a hot dryer to eradicate dust mites.

No-Stress Pressure

In term of psychiatric care, heavy blanket is supposed to be one of the best choices for those who are nervous, upset, and on the verge of losing control. Why? Yeah, these blankets are generally filled with heavy pellets, which are designed into compartments for their even distribution. These blanket kinds are also recommended for general use as a solution to relaxing while sleeping. You want to give this blanket kind a try, the suitable weight is up to your own body size and your personal preference as well, but in general, the weight of around 15 and 30 pounds is good for adults. And note that heavy blankets are not for those who are suffering from problems of breathing, blood, or temperature regulation or those who are recovering from surgery.

Snuggly Softness

Choose the blanket fabric which is soft enough to make you feel “easy on the skin.” Some people choose a fuzzy blanket, some other like a smoother texture. But no matter what your choice is, the gentle fabric which babies your skin and soothes you to sleep is available. On contrary, a coarser fabric can annoy your skin, cause itching, then finally, keep you awake. And if you choose the blanket of fabric, consider those of  cotton, which is not only soft but also breathable—two key qualities to boost comfort.Snuggly Softness blanket

Cozy Familiarity

In fact, security blankets are not just for kids. Adults also have their own preferences for a specific blanket. Using your favorite blanket to sleep is one of the factors to improve a conditioned response so that you can comes into sleep quicker and better. Many sleep centers even advise patients to take their own blanket and pillow from home so that they can fall asleep more easily. So as soon as you find your own favorite blanket, use it for sleeping every night. And if you have trouble sleeping when being away from home, think of bringing the blanket at home with you.

Ok, here are some of proven factors to consider when it comes to buying a blanket. They are not all but the most principle ones. So consider them carefully so that you can have the best blanket for yourself, then enjoy your sleep completely.

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