How to personalize your bedroom

A well-decorated bedroom is the one which not only meets standard rules in bedroom decoration but also shows its owner’s personality. My article today will focus on some ways to personalize your bedroom, hoping that it will be helpful to you!


Share your memorable memories

Yeah, photograph may things which show your personality best. There are several deal places to show your photograph in your bedroom, for instance, a jumble of different-sized and different-coloured frames on top of a dressing table, a geometric grid of matching frames on the wall.  What do you think about covering your wall with photos, pictures, clocks …?

Lighten it up

Make your bedrooms lighter with modern and sleek things. There are various choices for you to choose, such as piece of hand-painted porcelain, a statement lamp, which claims to make a brilliant focal point for your room. And the best things are those which themself are designed to be art forms.

Make some new things, rather than use a vase

It cannot be denied that flowers help to freshen up your room much. More than that, blooms boost our mood. However, there are much more ways then the traditional ways of displaying flowers in vase, yeah, you can cut them shorter and display them into small and beautiful containers such as mason jars, vintage tea pots or old jam jars, which will certainly give you feeling quicker.

Stick it

Sometimes you should refresh your wall with something new and small decorative stickers are good choices. To some extents, they are better than wallpapering your whole room or repainting the whole room. Especially, no damages can be caused with this decorating way.

Make your room books, why not?

You can make your bedroom feel homely with some simple touches. It seems strange, but bricks and stones can make brilliant bookends. By what way? Yeah, paint them gold, or include text with a stencil and some whitewash.

Make use of rugs

You have never thought that rugs can play role of showing your personality, right? But it is true. They are brilliant items to express something special about you in your bedroom since they come in a range of colours, textures, and sizes for you to choose from. Additionally, using rugs is much cheaper to warm up your room than covering wall-to-wall carpet, and this decorating way is also much easier to wrap when you want a change.Make use of rugs

Get arty

Some people thing that artwork is just for living room? In fact, once you find a piece you love, look for perfect frames and display it somewhere in your bedroom– then consider decorations that match its colours. Actually, in most vibrant rooms, the same colours are used in a vase; things like cushions, paintings, rugs can be decorated with different theme to make the rest of the room more lively.

Display what you want

What do you think if your bedroom is like a display cabinet? Mess can make you feel overwhelmed, but in fact, having your favourite trinkets on display can boost your mood to some extents. Texture your sentimental accessories around the room while letting your room  breathe – but place stuff that probably makes you feel stressed out of your sights.

Make scents

The smell of coffee decreases stress levels, similarly, a simple coffee-scented candle is an excellent way to create happiness to your room. Make your ramekins full of coffee beans, then put a tea light at the center. Once the candle warms up, it’ll launch the scent.

Ok, so do you agree with me that personalizing your bedroom is much easier than you think now? So are you ready to make changes to your bedroom? Follow the tips above, you will be amazed.

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