Small Kitchen Solutions

As kitchen is becoming more and more functional in many families, the project on remodeling kitchen is becoming popular in recent year.

As the time pasts, users often find something that need to be changed to make the space in their kitchen more applicable, especially in case that the kitchen is limited in space. Rebuilding a new one seems to be a thing that nobody wants, so the only solution now is to remodel the kitchen. My honest article will reveal some secrets to remodel your small kitchen to make it look larger than it is actually. Keep reading!Small Kitchen Solutions


The first thing which affects your kitchen’s space is the appliances in it. To make sure that your kitchen look something new, then you should consider updated appliances. However, depending on your own budget condition, do not need to spend a lot of money on this. Stainless steel appliances are good ideas and they are being included in many kitchens, not just contemporary homes.

Counter Space

Counter space needs to be large enough for you to work and even large kitchen owners have difficulty arranging things around the counter properly. Do not put every frequently-used thing on the counter, pick up several the most used ones only, and put the rest in the “drawers” beneath or on the countertop. For much space underneath which saves space considerably, deeper counters may be a wise choice to put things.


Cabinets are wised choice to store things and tools in your kitchen, so consider and include as many cabinets in your kitchen as possible. However, pay attention to placing them so that they look matched with the appliances. Deep cabinets which you use to store plates should be placed nearby the dishwasher while the large ones which have slide-out drawers should be located next to the oven. By this way, not only can you save space, you can also save time to do your tasks.

One more thing, waist-high sliding shelves which keep toasters and mixers can help to make small appliances out of sight, so take advantage of it so that your kitchen will looker neater. Last but not least, a built-in storage to keep things like potatoes and onions will also make the kitchen look larger than it is actually.

Roll-Out Pantry

If your kitchen is too small for a closet pantry, then you should think of a roll-out pantry – a popular product by cabinet manufacturers recently. Using this product, you can both pull it out to check and get the things you have and roll it back into a space within 18 inches of width and 5-1/2 feet of height for better look.

If your kitchen can’t even occupy any pantries, then you should make a closet outside part around the kitchen into a storage area where you can include things like large pots, fine china, and rarely-used items.Pantry roll-Out kitchen


Lighting is essential for any rooms, especially for small kitchen. Apart from lighting on the wall or ceiling which serves the purpose of lightening your room, design some lighting under-counter and some clean halogen lights as well. This will make your small kitchen look larger and you will be comfortable to be in it.


Many people think that as their kitchen is small, everything in it should be small too. But to some extents, things happen different. I would like to mention to case of the sinks in the kitchen. Yep, do not need to look for small sinks for your small kitchen; in contrast, a large one makes it easier to clean tools like large pans and pots. A large sink is also helpful to hide a dirty pot before you are free enough to rinse it. In another case, if you live in a small house or an apartment, a large sink can also play function of a utility sink. So do not worry if you have bought a large sink in your kitchen.

Some Other Secrets

Beside some ideas about designing and arranging things in the kitchen for more space, there are some other simple tips so that you can use your kitchen more conveniently and comfortably

  • Place a wire basket inside the cabinet to store trash bags. This item is cheap and can be put right at the back of the cabinet door or under the sink.
  • Place a hot water heater on the sink. It is small but helpful. It helps to deal with the soap or sprayer from tea or instant coffee.
  • Put a tile back splash right above the stove, counters, and sink. Not only can this make your kitchen look better, it also makes cleanup easier.

Final Words

Above are some of proven solutions for a small kitchen. They are all simple and do not cost you much. So if you have a small kitchen and you want to change its look by making it look larger, then I highly appreciate you trying some tips here.

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