What Are The Pros and Cons of Keurig Coffee Makers?

Recently, we found in the coffee maker market a new category of coffee maker named Keurig– a kind of Single cup coffee makers. This new category is said in hundreds of Keurig reviews to be more convenient compared with the traditional ones while promising to offer high-quality, making them number one choice of many coffee drinkers all over the world. So what are exactly the pros and cons that this category offers? Let’s discover my honest article today.What Are The Pros and Cons of Keurig Coffee Makers?

Let’s start with the pros first.

What Are The Pros?

The popularity of Keurig coffee maker has somehow showed us how great this brewer is. And here are some of the most significant pros.

  • Quick Brewing

Yeah, quick brewing is one of the leading reason for which thousands of coffee drinkers chose Keurig. Most of products by Keurig promise to offer a nice cup of coffee within less than one minute. In addition to this, the operation is so simple. It doesn’t require many adjustments and controls, plus, the controls can be easily done with a single button. Also, the result instant coffee does not have any scorched taste – a common result in lower quality traditional coffeemakers.

  • A Wide Ranges Of Beverages

Beside the main product of coffee, the Keurig can deal with a number of other caffeinated and decaf beverages, such as hot tea, cold tea, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, so on. The most recent unit can even deal with prepare iced coffee. Ok, so with just one investment one time, you can have dozen works done easily and effectively. What more are you waiting for?

  • Easy And Convenient Usage

Speaking about functionality, Keurig brewers often come with removable reservoirs which allow you to add water or do cleaning right from the kitchen faucet. Furthermore, the newer models offer a feature of cup size options which allows you to choose the number of cups to brew at once while the high quality is still guaranteed. Amazingly, most Keurig introduces a feature of rinse cycle which works to automatically clean the internal sides of the machine.

  • A Wide Range Of Choices

Keurig system is available with a wide range of models; each label comes with distinct features, satisfying various demands among users. So what you need to do for the best coffee maker is to discover several models, and decide which model is best suited for your wishes.

In other words, it is innovative features that make Keurig so attractive among users. Such features include quick and easy operation, a wide ranges of drinks and various options- the most noticeable when it comes to a coffee maker.

What Are The Cons?

cons-of-keurigBeside a wide range of great pros above, Keurig has some cons remained. And below are the three issues which have been complained most up to now.

  • It claims hot and quality result drink but it is a little bit shortcoming. When you make some beverages at once, the machine can work less efficient compared with a traditional one.
  • Coffee made with Keurig is offered in special K-Cups. These K-Cups are unrecyclable, so if you do not use these wisely and economically, you can waste a great deal of money on it and to some extent, contribute to environment problems. This is not a very big problem as you can control yourself. Please be wise and conscious when using K-cup, then no problem will be posed.
  • While most newer Keurig models come with cup size option, some other do not. In this case, you must have to make estimation yourself, or your coffee can be too strong or too weak. To avoid this issue, simply invest in the models which have cup size option. In case you still want the lack-feature model, get used to using it, the result will still be fine.

These issues are not very serious and you can control yourself. In addition, which model to choose is up to you. Let’s choose the item which doesn’t have the issue that you don’t like. Take it easy!

Final Words

How do you think about Keurig now? Is it worth trying? Yeah, if you are looking for a single cup coffee maker, I highly recommend you trying one model by Keurig, I did and find it deserve.

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